Transgender Entertainment and Your Child

YouTube is a powerful information source in the culture. As many as 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Some of these video messages include the topic of gender confusion and are impacting children and teenagers.

The Atlantic Magazine recently featured an article about a 12-year-old girl who began struggling with issues common to many pre-teens: making friends, self-image, anxiety and depression.

According to the article, the young girl discovered a transgender-themed YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers and almost 33 million views. The YouTube personality featured is 22 years old, was born female, came out as transgender, started taking male hormones and had a double mastectomy.

After watching this and similar YouTube channels, this adolescent began wondering if transgenderism were the root of her struggles: Maybe she should’ve been born male.

Sadly, many children today are exposed to similar YouTube videos. A quick Internet search brings up hundreds of such channels with millions of views. The new animated web series Drag Tots, for example, features toddlers who dress in drag and use their “glitter powers” to save the world. The show purports to teach children to read and the basics of dressing as the opposite sex.

It’s not just on YouTube. Cable television also promotes transgender shows to younger audiences.

  • TLC’s I Am Jazz, now in its fourth season, features 17-year-old transgender-identified Jazz Jennings. Jazz also has a children’s autobiography that’s available in many public and school libraries.
  • Netflix’ Anne with an E is based on L.M Montgomery’s classic children’s book Anne of Green Gables. In the second season, Anne’s aunt hosts a “queer soirée” with men who dress as women and women dressed as men.
  • Earlier this year Netflix announced a new animated series, Super Drags. It’s about adult drag queens fighting evil with superpowers.

We want parents to be prepared when their children encounter this subject. Our free resource When Transgender Issues Enter Your World gives practical guidance when your family encounters transgenderism.

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