Marijuana: Facts From The Frontline

Facts From The Frontline

Is marijuana legalization headed for your state? Learn from Colorado's experience ― and stop it before it starts. Marijuana for Recreation

Colorado voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, based on promises of a diminished black-market, increased tax revenue and adult-only access. Now, with several other states considering legalization in 2016, it is important to know what's really happened. 

After more than a year of legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado, the data reveals a grim and more dangerous picture than advocates predicted.

There are significant effects — including criminal, environmental and health — to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and the damage is not limited to the adult population. Drug use and hospitalizations among teenagers and young children have increased significantly, as well.

Your Thriving Values™ team wants you to know the facts behind the national push to pass recreational marijuana, so we've prepared a complimentary resource for you. "Marijuana: Separating Fact from Fiction" is designed for you to share with friends and family online, as well as to download and hand out at church, your neighborhood or wherever you can spread the truth before the next election season.

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