Bring Your Bible to School Day 2018

Bring Your Bible To School Day 2018

What is Bring Your Bible to School Day?

Bring Your Bible to School Day is an event sponsored by Focus on the Family for students all over the nation. This year it’s happening on Thursday, Oct 4. On that day, thousands of students will celebrate religious freedom—and share God’s hope with their friends—by taking a simple action: bringing their Bible to school. Last year, 500,000 students participated, and this year, at the fifth annual event, thousands more are expected to join the movement!

Participating is Easy

Students can sign up to participate and receive free, downloadable guides. Elementary, teen, and parent/pastor editions are available. Don’t delay--the event is fast approaching! You’ll want to have time to do things like print out stickers, posters and make Bring Your Bible t-shirts to help get the word out in your school! Plus, when you sign up you’ll be entered for a chance to win a trip for four to meet Sadie Robertson—this year’s honorary chair for the event!

Why do we need a Bring Your Bible to School Day?

Can’t students bring their Bibles to school every day?

  • You know, it’s so awesome that we live in a country where we still have religious freedoms—and where students have a First Amendment right to bring their Bible to school.
  • But the sad fact is, a lot of students don’t know this—or they get wrong information.
  • So this is a visual celebration of students’ religious-freedom rights and a reminder that they have the freedom to talk about God’s love.
  • It’s a way for students to understand what their rights are—and to know they are not alone; they are joining thousands of other students all across the nation.
  • They are also helping to protect religious freedom for other kids—for generations to come who will one day walk through the doors of their school.

What do students do on this day?

  • Bringing their Bible to school is just a student’s first step toward starting a deeper conversation with friends that can last the whole year long.
  • At, students can find lots of tools to empower them to start the dialogue—just asking the question, "What if there really is a God who cares about us so much that He gave us a personal message of hope—His Word? How would that change your life?”
  • The website has lots of cool free-speech tools like Conversation Cards, free posters, T-shirt and sticker designs. There are also several fun videos that students can watch with their friends.
  • Students can choose their level of involvement whether it’s simply bringing their Bible to school and reading it during free time—or promoting the event with friends through posters and fliers.

For more information and to sign up, visit


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