How to Introduce Your Kids to the Scriptures

Father and daughter lie on living room floor reading the Bible together. Daughter is pointing to a passage.

Introduce your children to God's Word with these easy activities:

The One Thing

As a member of the military, I never really knew when I would be deployed. So I asked myself, If there were just one thing I could tell my son to help him understand what is most important in life, what would it be?

After much thought, I decided that the most important thing I could tell him was the Gospel message: who God is, how we can approach Him, how much He loves us and how we can return that love. After much prayer, God led me to these verses: Genesis 1:1, Proverbs 9:10, John 3:16, Acts 16:10 and Matthew 10:32.

My son was 6 months old when I started reading these verses to him. When he learned to talk, I had him repeat them after me every night. Eventually, we studied them together. These verses were not our only Scripture study, but they helped my son understand his need for salvation at a young age.

—Justin Lavadour

Hear the Word

When our kids were younger, my husband and I would choose a daily Bible passage to read to them. Because the Bible uses complex language, we would look for repeated words and phrases in the passage, such as "and behold," "it came to pass" and "you shall not." Then we taught these words and phrases to our children, helping them understand big concepts in simpler terms. They would shout the words when we pointed to them during our Bible reading. This kept them engaged and greatly improved their vocabulary.

—Valarie Schenk


This year I got the Bible on CD. We play one of the 70 CDs every night. By the time my children turn 5, they will have heard the entire Bible more than 20 times.

—Briana Bloom

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