2 Ways to Better Connect With Your Grandchildren

Grandfather cooks breakfast outside the tent as he and his grandson camp in the backyard
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Here are ideas for connecting with your grandchildren whether they live nearby or miles away:

Grandpa Camp

My daughter loves summer camp, but my son ... not so much. When Grandpa heard about his grandson returning home instead of staying at summer camp, he told us to bring him over for the week. They spent their time camping out in their backyard, talking about God and His Word, and doing fun activities together. Our son's time at Grandpa Camp has been significant in his life.

—Peter A. Serger

Long-Distance Love

My mother chose to connect with both of my children in ways that fit their personalities. She and my oldest daughter, 9, began corresponding through mailed letters. For my younger daughter, she sent an age-appropriate devotional with a note saying she desired to spend time talking online with her once a week. Through these weekly devotions and letters, my children forged a deep friendship with their "Nini."

—Danielle Kyle

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