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Relishing the Christmas Season, and Healing Our Hurting Marriage

Air Date 12/08/2018

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In Part 1 of this weekend's program, author Alexandra Kuykendall explains how wives and moms can develop realistic expectations for Christmas and enjoy the season by scheduling well, spending wisely, and connecting with God.

In Part 2, Pastor Paul Westbrook and his wife, Melody, talk with openness and honesty about the marital crisis they faced and describe how a four-day intensive experience at Hope Restored helped save their marriage, and gave them tools for better communication in the future.

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    Family Stress at Christmastime

    Erin Smalley

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Alexandra Kuykendall

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A popular speaker and writer for moms around the nation, Alexandra Kuykendall is the co-hostess of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. She has contributed to other nationally known publications and authored three books: Loving My Actual Life, Loving My Actual Christmas and The Artist's Daughter. Alexandra resides in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, Derek, and their four daughters. Learn more about Alexandra by visiting her website,


Paul and Melody Westbrook

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Paul Westbrook is the senior pastor of a church in Illinois that he and his wife, Melody, co-founded in 1991. While Paul has been the primary leader and vision-caster at the church, Melody, a stay-at-home-mom, has also played a critical role in starting and leading women's small groups over the years. The couple has three grown sons named Caleb, Luke and Joshua.