In Part 1 of this weekend's program, Jonathan and Wynter Pitts describe how parents can strengthen their relationship with their daughters – as well as their daughters' faith – in a discussion based on the Pitts' book She is Yours: Trusting God as You Raise the Girl He Gave You.

In Part 2, Christian apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel shares compelling and humorous personal stories illustrating how influencing others for Christ can be an exciting and rewarding adventure.

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    How to Plead for Unbelievers

    We should take the new covenant promises of God and plead with God to bring them to pass in our children and our neighbors and on all the mission fields of the world.

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    How to Pray for Unsaved Family Members

    It's amazing what God can do when we invite Him into our family time, ask Him to give us opportunities to share the Gospel, and pray for Him to soften the hearts of our family members.

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    Sharing Your Faith in Everyday Life

    Pastor Rico Tice offers suggestions for sharing the Gospel with boldness, honesty and humility, and for overcoming the fear of rejection while sharing your faith.

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    Mismatched Marriage: When One Spouse Is an Unbeliever

    While there's no one-size-fits-all formula that will instantly revolutionize a mismatched marriage, a few principles and contribute to the health of a relationship.

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