Original Air Date 01/22/2015

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Amy Ford offers hope for an unplanned pregnancy. Listen to the full program here.

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    So You're Expecting a Baby

    A positive pregnancy test is one of the most life-changing moments in a woman's life! If you are single, you might also be considering whether or not marriage should be a part of your plan.

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    A Teen Pregnancy in the Family

    Focus on the Family

    Here's some practical help for a family facing a teen pregnancy.

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    #iSeeTwo Stories

    When we see an expectant mother, we see two unique lives made in the image of God, both of whom need our care and support.

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    Understanding a Post-Abortal Friend

    Why won't my friend talk about her abortion? It's obvious that she's in bad shape emotionally, and I'd like to help her. But every time I try to broach the subject, she clams up. Do you have any insights into what she might be thinking?

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Amy Ford

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Amy Ford is the co-founder and president of Embrace Grace, a non-profit organization which has the goal of inspiring the church to minister to women facing an unplanned pregnancy and to single moms. Amy is also a public speaker and author of the book A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage During an Unplanned Pregnancy. She and her husband, Ryan, have four children and reside in Arlington, TX. Learn more about Amy by visiting her website: www.amyford.com.