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That Chrysalis Moment

Air Date 08/27/2018

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Marci Seither explains why it’s important to allow the Lord to do His work on your children as they grow and reach adulthood. Listen to the full program here.

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    Give Them Wings

    If your children are on the brink of adulthood, Give Them Wings can help you survive the changes and thrive on the challenges the next few years will bring.

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  • Featured Article

    An Empty Nest and a Full Marriage

    Michele Howe

    With every major life change, couples have to re-invent their relationship. The empty-nest season can usher in emotionally charged situations and major lifestyle adjustments.

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  • Featured Answer

    Preparing for the Empty Nest

    What can we do to get ready for the departure of our youngest child? He'll be going off to college after the end of this year, and my spouse and I will be left "on our own" as empty nesters. I've heard that many couples in our position face serious adjustments and are at risk for marital problems and even divorce. How can we prepare for this transition and avoid the potential pitfalls?

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  • Featured Article

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    Linda Sasser

    When the youngest child is finally old enough to move out, becoming empty nesters doesn't have to be traumatic. In fact, it has many advantages.

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Marci Seither

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Marci Seither is a freelance writer who has published hundreds of articles, op-ed pieces and human interest stories. She has authored two books titled The Adventures of Pearley Monroe, an award-winning work of historical fiction for middle-grade readers, and Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight. Marci and her husband, John, have six children and reside in Southern California. Learn more about Marci by visiting her website,