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Taking Time for Your Grandkids

Air Date 04/27/2015

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You may not be the center of your grandchild’s universe, but the time is now to connect with them. Cheri Fuller shares her heart as a grandma… Listen to the full program here.

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Cheri Fuller

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Cheri Fuller is an award-winning author, a popular conference speaker and a frequent guest on many national TV and radio programs. She is also the executive director of the Oklahoma Messages Project, a nonprofit organization that serves children of incarcerated parents. Cheri has written more than 45 books including What a Girl Needs From Her Mom, What a Son Needs From His Mom, When Mothers Pray and The One Year Women's Friendship Devotional. Cheri and her husband, Holmes, reside in Oklahoma. They have three grown children and six grandchildren. Learn more about Cheri by visiting her website: