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Helping Engaged Couples Become More We-Focused, Part 2

Air Date 03/21/2019

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How should husbands respond to the topic of "submission" in marriage? Greg Smalley has some great advice. Featuring Lucille Williams.


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    'Submission' May Not Mean What You Think It Means

    Robert S. Paul

    One Scripture verse keeps couples at odds even though its intent is to teach unity. If you consider the context, culture and language in the book of Ephesians, you can better understand this verse.

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Lucille Williams

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Lucille Williams is a blogger, a public speaker and the author of From Me to We: A Premarital Guide for the Bride-and Groom-to-Be. Alongside her husband, Mike, she is heavily involved in ministry at their church, of which he is the children's pastor. Lucille is passionate about helping families and young people, and about serving couples as a pre-marital and marital coach. Mike and Lucille reside in California and have three grown children and two grandchildren. Learn more about Lucille at her website,, and her YouTube channel.