Divorce and Separation

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When Bob wanted a divorce because he wasn't happy, he sought the counsel of many people. His best friend said that getting divorce was the most positive decision he'd ever made; a misinformed pastor said, "Divorce is made in heaven," and his new Internet friends said, "It's best to do it now since your kids are out of the house." That was all Bob needed. He was convinced that divorce would be the ticket to help him recapture his youth, find another woman and finally live happily ever after.

Anyone who feels trapped in a marriage can find many marriage "counselors," each with their own opinions, to tell them what's best. But when it comes to divorce, it takes more than an opinion to discover the right thing to do — it takes wisdom.

At Focus on the Family, we're committed to providing that wisdom in order to help you navigate through your questions about divorce. With our help, we hope you'll find the wisdom you need to make a Godly decision for your marriage and your family.


Put the Pieces of Your Marriage Back Together

You  may  feel  that  there is  no  hope  for  your  marriage  and  the  hurt  is  too  deep  to  restore  the  relationship  and  love  that you  once  had.  The  truth  is,  your  life  and  marriage  can  be  better  and  stronger  than  it  was  before.  In  fact,  thousands  of  marriages,  situations  as  complex  and  painful  as  yours,  have  been  transformed  with  the  help  of  professionals  who  understand  where  you  are  right  now  and  care  deeply  about  you  and  your  spouse’s  future.  You  can  restore  and  rebuild  your  marriage  through  a  personalized,  faith-based, intimate  program  called,  Hope  Restored.

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