What is Perinatal Hospice?

Perinatal hospice is designed for parents who have received a devastating prenatal diagnosis and elect to continue the pregnancy despite the likelihood that their baby will die before or after birth. Simply stated, the perinatal hospice team comes alongside the family as they make meaningful plans to honor and celebrate the life of their baby, compassionately providing the clear and relevant information they need, such as:

Practical Guidance

  • Assist with the creation of a personalized birth plan that speaks to parents’ wishes for the labor and delivery experience and care of their baby at birth.
  • Provide coordination of services between different caregivers.
  • Assist the family with the collection and preservation of keepsakes.
  • Help the family plan a memorial service.

Educational Support

  • Provide parents with specific information about their baby’s diagnosis.
  • Help parents as well as other family members know what to expect throughout the grieving process.
  • Offer private childbirth education classes and hospital tours.

Emotional Support

  • Provide grief support beginning at time of diagnosis.
  • Offer referrals for pastoral care as requested.
  • Attend delivery at the family’s request to serve as an advocate and to provide additional emotional support.
  • Provide follow-up support throughout the bereavement period.
  • Refer parents to a local perinatal bereavement support group.
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