Making a Career Change

Ever think about making a career change? If so, you're not alone. According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics, Baby Boomers change jobs, on average, 10 times during their working years.

Career counselors cite a number of reasons why we search for greener pastures: The lure of a bigger salary or greater job flexibility, involuntary layoffs or termination, even intolerable co-workers. For one reason or another, 45 percent of us last year—in the private sector alone—left an existing job to work elsewhere.

The challenge is clear: Employees today have to rethink their roadmap to success, rediscover their talents and strengths and sometimes remake their dreams for the future.

A time of career transition is also an ideal time to stop and reflect on God's plan for your life. Reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses objectively; this will give you the courage to scrutinize your personality and help reaffirm your self-confidence. And be sure to make Christ the centerpiece of any job change; seek the Lord's guidance before you accept a new position, no matter how attractive it appears.

Finally, you don't want to carry the stress of your previous job into a new position, so take a deep breath and embrace a fresh start to a bold, new adventure.