Day of Dialogue Free Speech Event on April 16 to Give Christian Teens a Voice

Colorado Springs- An estimated 18,000 students will share a Christian perspective on sexuality at their high schools and colleges on April 16 thanks to the Day of Dialogue. The free speech event will take place a mere two months before the Supreme Court is expected to make a landmark decision on same-sex marriage that will ultimately impact public schools.

Already hot-button topics related to sexuality, like same-sex marriage, gender-identity issues, and transgenderism are impacting schools across the nation. And all too often, students who hold Bible-based views see their viewpoint being censored, marginalized or even openly ridiculed. For example,

- Christian students’ clubs have been kicked off campuses or derecognized after maintaining a biblical view of marriage and sexuality;

- college- and high school-aged students have faced punishment for expressing a Christian perspective on sexuality, whether in class or in an assignment; and

- a speaker openly mocked Christian beliefs about sexuality during an “anti-bullying” talk at a national high school journalism conference.

All these things can work together to give a chilling and discouraging message to Christian students: your opinions are not welcomed at school.

Day of Dialogue, sponsored by Focus on the Family, empowers young Christians to have a place at the table and equal opportunity to share their perspective in a loving way – especially when it comes to important social issues that are already being promoted and discussed, often in a one-sided manner, on their campuses. For the past four years, this student-led event has given teenagers the opportunity to make their voices heard on important issues.

“The importance of Day of Dialogue is two-fold,” says Candi Cushman, who oversees Day of Dialogue for the Focus on the Family. “First of all, it protects future generations’ religious freedoms on campus. Just like a muscle must be exercised to stay strong, students learn through this event that by exercising their free speech rights and expressing their perspective, they strengthen not only their own personal freedoms, but also those of every student who walks in the doors after them. But even more importantly, Christian teens are equipped with the confidence that God’s love and truth can speak into even the most sensitive social issues. They want – and have a right to – share the good news of a loving God who has a redemptive plan for humanity.”

At, students can sign up for the event, as well as find tools that will equip them to exercise their First Amendment rights like conversation starters and activity ideas. Teens will also find tips on how to navigate these tough issues in a winsome, Bible-based way. The Day of Dialogue website also offers resources that will help parents and youth leaders empower the students in their lives.

“If schools want to truly be diverse and show tolerance – which you would assume would be valued in an academic environment – then they need to recognize the rights of Christian students to give their perspective on topics related to sexuality and other nationally discussed social issues,” explains Cushman. “There must be room at the table for a faith-based take on these issues.”

To schedule an interview with Candi Cushman, email or call Allison Meggers at 719-266-7557.

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