Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl Ad Saved a Life: Five Years Later

Colorado Springs- recently called it one of the most controversial Super Bowl ads of the past five years, but for one woman, Focus on the Family’s 2010 spot featuring Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam, means something more: it’s a big reason her 4-year-old girl, Avita Grace, is alive today.

When Susan Wood told her boyfriend she was pregnant on Super Bowl Sunday 2010, he insisted she end her pregnancy. That night, Wood went to a Super Bowl party where she saw Focus’ ad featuring Pam Tebow sharing her heartfelt story of the survival of her “miracle baby,” Tim.

Unable to get the ad out of her head, Wood went online and saw the interview with Tim’s parents, Bob and Pam Tebow, on Focus’ website. Susan emailed the ministry, sharing her situation, and received an encouraging response that gave her hope. That’s when Susan decided to keep her baby.

“Five years ago, there were calls to ban our ad for being too divisive and offensive before anyone had even seen it,” said Focus on the Family President Jim Daly. “We never intended for our Super Bowl commercial to stoke controversy – we ran it to bring women like Susan hope in difficult situations. Most Super Bowl commercials are forgotten soon after they air – but this one made a life-changing difference, and it’s an honor to be a part of Susan and Avita’s story.”

Focus on the Family recently released a video with Susan Wood and Avita Grace that gives viewers a glimpse into their lives today, and gives Susan an opportunity to share her story in her own words. “It’s an amazing thing to watch this little girl run around and play, and to see how much she loves her mom,” said Daly. “Susan and Avita remind us that all human life matters. That’s why we celebrate life.”

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