Focus’ Option Ultrasound Program Celebrates 10 Years and More Than 230,000 Babies Saved

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound Program is celebrating its 10th anniversary of equipping pregnancy medical clinics to provide ultrasound services to abortion-minded women. These women are much more likely to choose life for their babies after seeing a real-time ultrasound image, hearing the heartbeat and speaking with a trained counselor – all services provided to them free of charge.

Option Ultrasound provides grants for ultrasound machines and sonography training to life-affirming pregnancy medical clinics in communities with high abortion rates throughout the U.S.

Since 2004, Focus has provided more than 625 grants for ultrasound or sonography training to qualified pregnancy medical clinics, including 48 grants in 2013. Option Ultrasound has contributed to more than 230,000 babies being saved from abortion over the past 10 years, based on monthly data reported by grant recipients.

"When a woman considering abortion sees her baby in the womb and hears the tiny heartbeat, something powerful happens to change her heart and mind," said Kelly Rosati, vice president of Community Outreach at Focus. "To know that more than 230,000 women have chosen life for their babies through the partnership between Option Ultrasound and the dedicated staff and volunteers at pregnancy medical clinics is deeply encouraging to us."

Observing Sanctity of Human Life Month

Option Ultrasound is part of Focus’ broader efforts to promote the value of life. As part of the annual Sanctity of Human Life Month celebration in January, the ministry is inviting people to take the "Be a Voice" pledge to honor each person as worthy of dignity and respect because they’re created in God’s image.

The "Be a Voice" pledge provides broadcasts, articles and a certificate to people interested in taking a stand for vulnerable groups in society. Focus also offers a church kit with sermon ideas, bulletin inserts, videos and age-specific lessons and activities to teach kids about the value of life.

Encouraging People to "Be a Voice for Life" Year-Round

Each day, Focus takes its "Be a Voice for Life" campaign to more than one million fans of its "I Am Pro-Life" Facebook page, the largest pro-life page on Facebook. Visitors to the site engage in respectful discussion about the value of the child in the womb, orphans, the elderly, and those with special needs, while those who regret a past abortion are offered hope and healing.

This is part of the ministry’s year-round "Be a Voice for Life" campaign promoting the dignity and God-given worth of every human being. In addition to highlighting the child in the womb, this year’s campaign will focus on orphans, those with special needs and those at the end of life.

"At Focus on the Family, we believe that all people are of infinite value, regardless of age, development, appearance or ability," said Rosati. "This January, we’re asking people to pledge to join us in being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and to live out our shared calling to defend, protect and value all human life."

A video on what it means to be pro-life at all stages of life is available online at "The Dignity of Human Life."

To schedule an interview with Kelly Rosati, contact Nina Coppola at 719-531-3386.

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