Focus on the Family On Prop 8 Ruling: “No Judge Has the Right to Redefine Marriage”

Colorado Springs, Colo. –  Focus on the Family responds to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Proposition 8. This statement is attributable to Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst at Focus on the Family.

“We’re disappointed in today’s decision, but it was not entirely unexpected, given the record of the 9th Circuit.

“Opponents of Prop 8 insist on changing the definition of marriage for everyone, including children who deserve the opportunity to grow up in a home with their own married mother and father.

“But no judge has the right to redefine marriage. Doing so redefines parenthood, and offers yet another instance of social engineering based on the desires of adults rather than the interests of children. We’ve already seen, and continue to suffer from, the effects of divorce, unwed births and fatherlessness on children and families. This latest tinkering with marriage to remove mothers and fathers as an essential element of family poses serious ramifications for future generations.

“The long road to vindicating the right of more than 7 million California voters to establish public policy in this case continues, and we’re confident that as this case proceeds through the appeals process, today’s decision will not only be overturned but strongly denounced.”

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