Focus Leadership Institute Welcomes New Executive Director

Colorado Springs, Colo. –  Dr. Kneeland C. Brown is the new head of the Focus Leadership Institute, which equips university students to make a difference in family, church and culture.

Dr. Brown was drawn to the executive director position because he saw it as a way to live out his passion to see the rising generation of Christians combine scholarship and faith into positive action.

“We want to teach our students how to think critically and unlock their minds, and to have that discipline of their minds held accountable by their faith,” Dr. Brown explains. “Once that happens, these young people can go out and become real leaders, living out what they believe to benefit their families, churches, communities and even the world.”

Creating leaders is why the Focus Leadership Institute was founded 16 years ago.

“Marriage and family are the bedrocks of our society, so our purpose of seeing families thrive in Christ can only be accomplished if strong men and women lead those families,” said Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family. “That’s why we’re glad to welcome Dr. Kneeland C. Brown to the Focus Leadership Institute. He has the passion and ability to help equip the young men and women of this millennial generation to live out their God-given purpose in our culture as leaders.”

Leadership is more than knowing how to manage a business or a team, according to Dr. Brown.

“Our goal at the Institute is to also teach our students internal leadership, or how to lead themselves. This means teaching young people how to wisely steward the gifts, talents and abilities God has given them,” says Dr. Brown. “We don’t want to simply produce professionals who are just good at making money; we want them to be great in their personal lives as well. After all, the collective passion of the millennial generation to help others can only be fulfilled when, as individuals, they can lead themselves.”

Dr. Brown brings with him varied experience in academic administration, teaching, research and ministry work gained both in the United States and abroad. He has worked as an associate professor teaching courses in topics like organization and management to the African American experience, from business strategy to urban ministry and church history.

Dr. Brown has a doctorate of education from University of Southern California, a master’s degree from Haggard Graduate School of Theology, and a bachelor’s from Azusa Pacific University. He is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in management from Azusa Pacific. He is married with two children.

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About Focus Leadership Institute 

Founded in 1995, the Focus Leadership Institute equips tomorrow’s leaders to make a difference in family, church and culture. More than 3,000 students representing more than 800 universities have graduated from the Institute with a comprehensive understanding of leadership in the areas of marriage, family, church, society and comparative worldviews from a Christian perspective.