Focus on the Family Ready for Courageous Movie Release

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Focus on the Family is prepared to meet an influx of needs from families impacted by the movie "Courageous," which opens in 1200 theaters across the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 30.

"Courageous" is a major motion picture portraying the challenges of fathering and family relationships in our current day, and is a production of Sherwood Baptist Church and Provident Films, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment. Focus is one of the film's key partners. 

The ministry has actively promoted this movie and its counseling helpline. A number of its fathering-centered resources are also located on the film's website at and Moviegoers will be directed to the site at the end of the film. 

"Many men in my generation did not grow up with a healthy model of fatherhood and have to learn how to be a strong presence for our own children," said Leon Wirth, Executive Director of Parenting and YOuth at Focus. "Our ministry's goal is to help change the national conversation on this issue - and the movie 'Courageous' is a terrific first step in that dialogue. We all need to understand and embrace one significant yet simple fact: Dads matter." 

In the past year and a half, Focus has hosted and participated in pre-screenings nationwide and contributed printed resources, including providing 60,000 copies of the book, The 21-Day Dad's Challenge, to attendees. 

To mark the film's debut, Focus is airing a two-day broadcast on Sept. 28 and 29 entitled, "Helping Your Husband Be A Courageous Father," as well as featuring an interview with senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church and writer and producer of "Courageous," Stephen Kendrick, on its "Your Family Live" webcast. Programs can be found here and

To learn more about this film and Focus' efforts on fatherhood, please visit the ministry's "Courageous" webpage at To schedule an interview, call Nina Coppola at 719-531-3386 or via email at

About Focus on the Family

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About The 21-Day Dad's Challenge

This easy-to-use "training manual" asks men to spend three weeks learning new habits and practical exercises concerning fatherhood. It also features relevant Scripture and reflections by inspirational leaders such as Tony Dungy, Jim Daly, Carey Casey, Randy Alcorn, Josh McDowell and others. This books is a publication of Focus on the Family in conjunction with Tyndale.