Focus on the Family to Sponsor Student-Led Day of Dialogue TM

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Focus on the Family made national headlines last year when it became the new sponsor of the annual, student-led Day of Dialogue program (formerly Day of Truth), to be held on April 18. As the launch date approaches, Focus is helping Christian students prepare to express their faith-based viewpoints about sexuality and marriage in a loving and respectful way.

The Day of Dialogue website provides high school and college students with free tools that equip them to share God's love - including conversation cards, downloadable posters, t-shirt designs and tips for having a successful event. In addition, the Alliance Defense Fund will continue in its supportive role by offering pro-bono legal assistance to students whose free-speech rights are violated.

This practical help provides Christian students with much-needed support as they seek to respond winsomely when their schools host homosexual-themed events, like GLSEN's upcoming Day of Silence.

"Instead of encouraging silence, Day of Dialogue facilitates honest conversation among students on issues that matter to them," said Candi Cushman, who heads up Day of Dialogue for Focus on the Family.

"Our hope is that students of faith will have a safe space and equal opportunity to respectfully talk about their beliefs," Cushman added. "All these students want is a free-speech opportunity to let their friends and classmates know that God cares about their lives, their relationships and their sexuality."

For more information about the Day of Dialogue and how to get involved, please To schedule an interview, please contact Devon Williams or 719-322-5484.

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