Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad Wins Broadcasting Award

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Focus on the Family’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, centered on the theme of celebrating life and family, has won a National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) award for Best Television Commercial.

The 30-second ad – which aired Feb. 7, 2010, during CBS Sports' coverage of the game at Dolphin Stadium in South Florida – featured then college football star Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam. They shared a personal story of how Pam refused doctors’ recommendations that she abort Tim because of a serious illness she had contracted.

"We are thrilled and honored by this award," said Focus President Jim Daly. "More importantly, we are humbled that we were able to initiate a national dialogue about the wonder of life, the beauty of family and the celebration of a woman's decision to give birth to her baby boy."

The NRB presented Daly with the award at its annual convention this month. The ad was "the most buzzed-about spot of Super Bowl XLIV," the broadcasters group said. "It created a national dialogue about the true definition of choice as it pertains to the issue of abortion."

As part of that national dialogue, the commercial was covered on every major U.S. television news network and in most major newspapers, including international outlets.

Other evidence of impact:

    - An estimated 92 million people saw the ad

    - The ad generated nearly $32 million in earned media

    - An estimated 5.5 million people said they reconsidered their position on abortion after seeing the ad, according to a Barna Group poll

    - 1.5 million people went to our website after the commercial aired

    - The ad was the third most rewatched commercial on Tivo during the Super Bowl 1 woman chose not to abort her preborn baby

About Focus on the Family 
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