Focus President Jim Daly Recognized by Newsweek

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Focus on the Family President Jim Daly has been named one of the nation’s top new evangelical leaders by

The article on the website of one of the world’s top weekly newsmagazines is written by David A. Graham.

"Handpicked by (Focus founder and chairman emeritus Dr. James) Dobson to be the group’s third-ever president, Daly is a surprisingly different leader from his firebrand predecessor," the article notes. "Not that he’s softened the organization’s advocacy on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage – he hasn’t. It’s the emphasis that’s changed."

Newsweek interviewed Michael Cromartie, vice president at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, about Daly’s leadership of Focus, and he noted Daly "wants the focus to be family, not politics."  

Daly himself has articulated his vision for the ministry’s public-policy advocacy as "core to who we’ve been, who we are and who we will continue to be."

"Our mission is to help families thrive — to help couples nurture their marriages, raise their kids and walk out their Christian faith with passion and boldness," Daly said in an October 2009 interview. "I will make sure Focus on the Family continues to engage the public square and the policy-making process to advocate for policies that reflect scriptural principles. But I have to add this: Our hope, ultimately, is not in the Oval Office. It’s not in Congress. It’s in the Lord. Policy is important, but Jesus is more important.

"I couldn’t believe that more strongly," he added. "I’m not saying it’s either/or, only that the condition of our heart as we carry out our calling to effect policy change has to reflect the truth that even those we disagree with, who oppose everything we stand for, are made in God’s image.

"We should not be ‘soft’ on our principles, but our hearts must be soft toward our opponents."

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