Focus on the Family Celebrates Pastors with Clergy Appreciation Month

Colorado Springs, CO – Clergy Appreciation Month (CAM) is a special time each October that congregations set aside to honor pastors and their families for their hard work, commitment and sacrificial dedication. As CAM celebrates its 18th year, Focus on the Family is raising awareness of the many challenges today’s pastors face and providing free resources and creative ideas to help parishioners recognize their church leaders.

Today’s busy, fast-paced life presents more challenges than ever for pastors and their families. Pastors do more than preach an inspiring sermon on Sundays; behind the scenes pastors also serve as marriage therapists, caregivers, mediators, grief counselors and wedding coordinators – all while balancing the needs of their own families and marriages. These demands have contributed to an overwhelming number of pastors experiencing a significant stress-related crisis at least once in their ministry.

CAM helps counter the stress that so many pastors and their families experience by giving churches an opportunity to honor and celebrate their pastors. Showing clergy gratitude not only boosts their individual morale but also helps keep them effective in their churches and communities.

“Clergy Appreciation Month recognizes the call of God in the lives of men, women and couples to full-time Christian service,” said H.B. London, Jr., vice president of Pastoral Ministries at Focus on the Family. “It is to call to the attention of the American public the contribution their spiritual leaders make in our society. Our world would be a much darker place if it were not for their faithfulness and Christlike example.”

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