"Thriving Family" Replaces "Focus on the Family" Magazine

Colorado Springs, Colo – This week, Thriving Family magazine will arrive in over 300,000 homes of parents with kids 0-18. The new magazine replaces Focus on the Family magazine and emphasizes the core parenting content upon which Focus on the Family was founded.

"We are excited to introduce Thriving Family magazine!" said Yvette Maher, senior vice-president of Family Ministries at Focus on the Family. "With an emphasis on being relevant to today's families, we have a brand new look and format, while keeping the same time-tested biblical advice on marriage and parenting."

Thriving Family is a bi-monthly subscription publication offering practical, relatable and inspirational articles about everyday life as a parent through key contributors and authors. The magazine will eventually be complemented by a Thriving Family Web site that offers videos, forums and blogs on family topics.

To learn more about Thriving Family magazine, visit http://go.family.org/thrivingfamily/. For interviews, contact Sara Woodard at 719-268-4890 or sara.woodard@fotf.org.