Focus on the Family Launches Blog to Build Community for Newlyweds and Beyond

Colorado Springs, Colo – Before reaching their fifth anniversary, one-fifth of all American married couples will divorce1. In an effort to provide encouragement and support for the early years of marriage, Focus on the Family has launched a blog and Web community called Young Married Life.

The site is intended to function as a virtual small group for married couples, featuring a group blog, a forum and regular featured articles about the early years of marriage, career, finances, culture, and calling. A key topic on the site is preparing for parenting. Gen X and Gen Y couples are reporting a sharper drop in marital satisfaction when they become parents.Young Married Life will offer candid thoughts on the joys and challenges of starting a family with the hope of providing couples a smoother transition.

“We want to offer a supportive community to couples who might feel a little lost in their transition into marriage,” said Steve Watters, director of Marriage and Parenting Preparation for Focus on the Family. “We especially want to help them realize that they aren’t the only people who have fights about in-laws or how to load the dishwasher the right way.”

As a bonus, Young Married Life also features a new movie review video called Reel Discernment. Featuring Plugged In’s Bob Waliszewski and Cheryl Wilhelmi, Reel Discernment gives couples a quick sense for what to expect at the movies to help them better plan their date nights, girls’ nights and guys’ nights.

Young Married Life was developed by the team that produces Boundless, a webzine and blog for young adults that reaches over 300,000 people each month.

For more information about Young Married Life, visit Or, to schedule an interview on the challenges and joys surrounding life as a newlywed, contact Sara Woodard @ 719-268-4890 or

1 Andrew Cherlin, The Marriage Go Round (Alfred A. Knopf, 2009), p. 17.