Focus on the Family Findings

Glenn Stanton

As editor of our Focus Findings my hope is to compile resources that communicate the leading sociological, psychological, biological and anthropological research on family. The goal is to present these truths within the scope of mere Christianity, rather than trying to color them with the broad-strokes of either Western conservative or liberal ideology. The family is so much bigger than our ideologies - a fundamental part of God's grand design for society - which is why we approach family with the desire to find serious answers to overarching questions such as:

  • What is the family and what does it do?
  • Why are marriage and family important for individuals and the community?
  • Does the family change from culture to culture and if so how?
  • Why are male and female, mothers and fathers, husband and wives meaningful?
  • Are there family norms that are more likely to contribute to or distract from human thriving? Why and what are they?
  • How are these seen in a truly meaningful Christian conception of humanity and the world?

I invite you to join us as we seek to become better, more serious and ever-growing students of the family. We hope you find something useful here. 

Glenn T. Stanton

Director of Family Formation Studies

Featured Articles

Why Womanhood Doesn’t Demand Proof and Manhood Does

Manhood must be proven. Womanhood does not. Why is this?

Is There a Universal Male and Female Nature?

Why is the human male and female nature constant across time and cultures?

Why Does Manhood Matter?

Knowing why manhood is essential and what it does.


What is the Actual Divorce Rate?

A Brief Explanation.

Should Civil Marriage Matter to Christians?

With the radical redefinition of marriage today, most people in the Christian and Jewish communities are concerned about the future of marriage.

Theology of Marriage and Family

An Annotated Bibliography.

A Feminist Institution

What empowers women more than anything else? You might be surprised.

The Upside of Nagging

Given the difference in married and single men’s health outcomes, it appears -- not surprisingly -- that wives are more powerful in changing grown men’s behavior than even their own mothers.

The Health Benefits of Marriage

Many studies have shown that married adults have a greater likelihood of living longer than their unmarried counterparts.

Premarital Sex and Greater Risk of Divorce

Are there practical consequences of pre-marital sex for future marital happiness?

Divorce Rate in the Church – As High as the World?

Couples who regularly practice any combination of serious religious behaviors and attitudes enjoy significantly lower divorce rates.

What Is The Best Age To Marry?

Age at marriage doesn't stand alone as a benefit or harm.

Is Marriage Dying?

Pew Study: Nearly 40% say marriage is becoming obsolete.

Are Men Necessary?

An analysis of three new articles on the status on men in society today.

The Pill: Did It Cause The Sexual Revolution?

Does a woman really become strong and liberated by submitting herself to the rules of the male sexual market?

Marriage as a Feminist Institution

Students of the family must consider and appreciate how marriage operates as a formative institution.

A Tale of Two Wives on Divorce and Spousal Infidelity

Infidelity is not growing among marriages like one might be led to believe from the proliferation of such high-profile cases.

American Beliefs That Weaken Marriage

What is the health of marriage in America today?


Seven Billion and Counting: How Many is Too Many?

How should we feel about our world population at 7 billion?

Why Fathers Throw Children

Mothers and fathers are obviously different. But do we appreciate how these differences contribute to healthy child development?

How Fertility Drives the Health of Nations

The sustainability of humankind’s oldest institution, the family – the fount of fertility, nurturance, and human capital – is now an open question.

The Everyday Dad

Observations on the Routines and Attitudes of Young Fathers.

Why Is Mom Too Busy?

Historical and Social Influences that Push Mom to Over Schedule.

A Father, A Husband, A Man

How Marriage and Family Impact a Man's Identity.

A Man and His Family

How Marriage and Fatherhood Play Out Through Family Routines.

A Man and His Friends

The Struggles and Benefits of Making and Keeping Friends.

Got Religion?

How Different Perspectives on Religion Can Impact Fatherhood.

The Everyday Husband

Observations on the routines and Attitudes of Young Husbands.

Work/Family Balance

How Dads View (and live out) the Tension Between Their Jobs and Their Families.

Community In Everyday Life

How Peer Pressure Can Enhance Parental Influence.

Dueling Transitions

A Case Study in the Many Transitions of Young Married Life.

Everyday Challenges

Uncovering Some of the Subtle (and not-so-subtle) Dilemmas of Motherhood.

Everyday Parenting Techniques

The Zen Of Parenting.

Just Married? Keep Reading

Observing Established Families Provides Practical Insight for Young Couples.

Lone Ranger = Bad Idea

Why Moms Need Dads.

Major Challenges of Parenting

How Parents Identify and Approach Some of the Major Challenges of Parenting.


Ethnography Project.

Mom Wants Everyone Together

How Physical Proximity is Catnip for Moms.

Notes On A Young Married Couple

Insights From a Case Study of Three Young Married Couples.

Religious Activities And The Family

How Families Do Faith.

Routines of Fatherhood

Observations on Basic Patterns of Family Life.

Single Moms

Observations on Life With Kids After Divorce.

The Devil Is In The Decisions

What Makes a Busy Day Either Easy or Hard.

The Role Of Media In The Family

The Predictable Risks and Surprising Benefits of Family Media Use.

What's Going On Here?

Fascinating Case Studies of "Irregular" Parenting.

Are The Kids Really All Right?

An overview of current research on mom/dad families as compared to same-sex homes.

Same-Sex Marriage & Parenting

Does New Research Prove Kids do Better with Two Moms?

A new study from Australia claims to say kids do better with same-sex parents. Is it true?

Are Kids Raised in Same-sex Homes Just Like Kids Raised by Mom and Dad?

Strong and reliable research show this widely reported “fact” is far from it.

Examining the US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study

A serious topic like is drastically deserving of more careful, less partisan research.

Same-Sex Parenting, Child Sexual Orientation and Sexual Experiences

A central question regarding same-sex parenting is how it might impact the sexual orientation and identification of children raised in such homes.

New Research On Same-Sex Parenting

USA Today: Same-sex couples can be effective parents, researchers find.


CDC: LGB Teens Have Extremely High Rates of Unhealthy Behaviors

While the Centers for Disease Control states that “(LGBTQ) youth are happy and thrive during their adolescent years,” their own data from tells a different story.

CDC: Virginal High School Students Exhibit Greater Overall Health Behaviors

A new report from the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) examines a large and diverse array of health behaviors of high school students classified by their sexual activity. There are two major conclusions from the report.

10 Things Everyone Should Know About a Christian View of Homosexuality

Why traditional Christians believe as they do regarding gender, sexuality, marriage, and the family.

Family Formation Trends

Family Formation and Poverty

It has been well-established for decades that there exists a dramatic connection between thriving, intact families and financial well-being for women and children. Here is a summary overview of the major academic contributions to this field of inquiry over the last few decades and their various findings.

Unmarried Birthrates Decline – First Time Since 1940

Out-of-wedlock births have taken a marked and sustained decline of late.

The Rise of the Nones

Is it as Bad as it Sounds?

Generational Values and Desires

Millennials have unique characteristics, but in other ways not so different from others.

Key Findings of Mark Regnerus' New Family Structure Study

Compared with off-spring from married, intact mother/father homes, children raised in same-sex homes are markedly more likely to…

Healthy Families: A Community's Most Effective Social Justice Agent

Family is the first institution God gave humanity. No surprise then that it is the best mechanism for improving human thriving and the establishment of justice.

Young Adults Consistently Express Marriage and Family as Important Life Goal

How is marriage faring in terms of young people’s attitudes and life dreams?

Unmarried Women Boost Record '07 U.S. Birthrate

There was a great flurry of news last week about an increase for the second consecutive year in teen births.

Religion & Culture

Are Young People Leaving the Church in Droves?

It has become an oft-repeated truism that young people are leaving both the faith and Church in very disturbing numbers. The truth, however, is a much more encouraging story.

Is Biblical Christianity on the Decline?

The Recent Pew Report Offers Surprising Good News.

Millennial Faith Participation and Retention

Many are quite pessimistic that today’s parents will be able to pass on lasting faith to their children.

Leading Factors Leading To Lasting Faith!

What helps ensure our children carry their faith into adulthood?

Generational Values and Desires

For Focus on the Family, Millennials are the present generation moving (or not) into family life.

The Nature of Manhood

Why Womanhood Doesn’t Demand Proof and Manhood Does

Manhood must be proven. Womanhood does not. Why is this?

Is There a Universal Male and Female Nature?

Why is the human male and female nature constant across time and cultures?

Why Does Manhood Matter?

Knowing why manhood is essential and what it does.

What are the Universal Qualities of Manhood?

The essential nature of a man.

Why Manhood Doesn’t Happen Naturally

What is it about manhood that requires intentionality in turning boys into men?